What is the CompTIA A+ Certification?

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CompTIA A+ Certification Logo.

This article describes the CompTIA A+ certification.

What is the CompTIA A+ certification?

According to https://www.comptia.org/, “CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for establishing a career in IT”.

The whole point of the certification is to teach new IT trainees how to be problem solvers so they can tackle issues relating to core technologies from security to networking to virtualization and more.

CompTIA A+ certification is considered the only IT industry-recognized credential with “performance testing” that proves the professionals can think on their feet when performing critical IT support tasks.

Such a standard is trusted by employers globally when it comes to finding the go-to person in technology management & technical support roles. CompTIA A+ is the most common IT credential that appears in job listings compared to any other IT credential.

How do I obtain a certification?

The CompTIA A+ Core Series certification requires candidates to pass both exams: Core 1 (220-1101) and Core 2 (220-1102), the following content emphasizes these technologies and skills IT pros need to support hybrid workforces.

  • Reliance on SaaS applications for remote work
  • Large amounts of training on troubleshooting and how to remotely detect and correct common hardware, software, or connection problems
  • Complex core technologies such as IoT device security, data management, cloud virtualization, and scripting
  • Multiple operating systems are used by companies and technicians regularly, which includes the major systems, their use cases, and how to keep them running correctly.
  • Shows the always-changing nature of the job role, where many duties are issued to specialized providers as certified IT professionals need to be able to assess whether it’s best to fix something on site, or would it be more cost and time effective to send proprietary technologies directly to vendors

What skills will I obtain and master?

The 9 main skills that you will master and validate with CompTIA A+ include the following:


Troubleshooting, using, and attaching hardware components and devices, including learning knowledge about different devices is needed to support a remote workforce


Installing and supporting Windows OS which includes client support and command line. Configuring systems, imaging, and troubleshooting for Mac OS, Linux OS, Chrome OS, and Android.


Troubleshooting PC and mobile device problems including malware, common OS, and security issues.


Describe different types of networks and connections such as TCP/IP, WIFI, and SOHO


Fixing real-world network and device issues efficiently and quickly


Finding and protecting against security vulnerabilities for network connections and their devices


Install & setting up laptops and other mobile devices and support various applications while ensuring connectivity for end-users


Comparing & contrasting cloud computing concepts, while setting up virtualization on the client-side


Applying best practices for safety, communication, professionalism, and environmental impacts.

How much is the cost of the exam?

At the time of writing, the pricing is around $500 in total.

How long does the certification last?

Renewal is required every 3 years.

How can I get started learning?

You can find a free course preparing you for the CompTIA A+ exam here: https://alison.com/courses/comptia-a-1000-part-1/

For more details, information and practice questions visit: https://www.comptia.org/certifications/a


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