Secure VPS in Ubuntu 20.04: LetsEncrypt, Cloudflare and more

2022-07-22 1092 words 6 mins read

Secure VPS in Ubuntu 20.04: LetsEncrypt, Cloudflare and more.

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Course Description

Create, configure, and secure your own Virtual Private Server (VPS) with a high-security rating while using the best services, security, and speed settings for all your projects.

In this course, you are going to create, configure, and deploy your VPS server from scratch, set it correctly, with high-security measures, and the most recommended mechanisms.

Always use secure protocols such as SSH to connect with your VPS and HTTPS to protect your websites and projects.

Forget the insecure passwords, so you can establish secure connections with your server with the SSH protocol, without problems and achieve anything you need.

Additionally, protect all your services and sites, setting them behind Cloudflare for high protection, speed, and security enhancements.

Deploy all your projects with your proper domain, with infinite possibilities, at no additional cost.

Keep your own space in the cloud for all your jobs, projects, and ideas,

Deploy all types of projects in the same instance, and with the number of domains and sub-domains that you want, without having additional costs.

Now, during the course is recommended to use DigitalOcean, but you are free to create your VPS with the provider you want or need. You can follow the course using any fresh instance of Ubuntu 20.04LTS in your selected VPS provider. Everything will be done from scratch and step by step, without relying on additional features from exclusive services.

Install and deploy a complete system with Linux/Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Cloudflare, Let’s Encrypt, Certbot, Nginx y MySQL; also as an additional bonus, there is additional content on how to deploy and publish popular projects such as WordPress, Laravel and more that will be added over time.

At the end of this course, you will be able to deploy your own VPS server and your own services on it, shortly and eadily. All under the best security measures and with the protection of Cloudflare to increase the security and speed of your sites.

You will have your own projects online without additional costs because, no matter how many domains, sub-domains or projects you put in your VPS, the cost will remain the same.

At the end of all the classes, you will have all your projects under a completely secure server, with HTTPS/TLS connections completely free through Letsencrypt and with an A+ rating on the secured sites.

But… What exactly will you learn? Here you have everything you can get from this course:

Create your own VPS server with DigitalOcean or any provider you choose

Have a safe and friendly system with Linux/Ubuntu using its most recent LTS version (Ubuntu 20.04)

Deploy an Nginx web server in a few minutes and with the best security settings

Deploy a MySQL database server completely secure

Establish secure remote connections to your database with SSH tunnels

Easily configure and use Git to deploy the different projects on your VPS via SSH

Learn alternative tools such as SCP and WGet to synchronize content with your VPS

Obtain external packages and install them globally (Composer, Certbot, WP-CLI)

Create and configure your domain and all sub-domains, without having to pay extra

Point your domain to your VPS server by configuring the DNS entries

Secure your services and projects with the DDoS protection along with security and speed enhancements from Cloudflare

Connect to your VPS remotely, quickly and securely using SSH keys

Manage user accounts and prevent automated and external systems from accessing privileges (root)

Learn to use the essential commands (cd, systemctl, cp, sudo, mv, rm, mkdir, reboot, and many more)

Learn how to manage VPS packages with apt easily

Assign permissions on folders and files in the correct way

Configure secure and mandatory non-password connections with SSH

Forget about insecure passwords for all the users and use SSH keys (more secure and fast)

Create and handle users correctly with administrative permissions (sudo)

Deploy any kind of projects (not only PHP) in secured and protected domains and connections

If you use PHP, deploy different PHP projects like WordPress and Laravel on their own independent sites

It won’t be PHP only, use and deploy any type of project you require (more will come later)

Understand and take advantage of the use of SSH to connect to your VPS or external services

Connect with third party service through SSH keys correctly

Easily configure a firewall (UFW) and dramatically increase the security of your VPS

Configure your services (Nginx, PHP, MySQL, and anything you need) to make them more secure

Mitigate DoS and DDoS attacks configuring Nginx along with Cloudflare as a protection service

Prevent automated systems from trying to access your VPS, using Fail2Ban

Enable the Gzip compression system on your web server

Avoid CSS/XSS attacks with Nginx

Get security certificates for HTTPS connections for your projects with Let’s Encrypt and Certbot

Install the security certificates in Nginx correctly, to obtain an A+ security rating

Use Certbot to obtain and install the Let’s Encrypt security certificates automatically

Create, use, and secure all the domains and sub-domains that you require for any project

Easily deploy any kind of project on your VPS, applying everything you learned

Learn to deploy and synchronize projects with your VPS in the correct and efficient way

What you’ll learn:

Publish your projects and services in your own online space securely and autonomously. Manage your VPS server efficiently and securely in an agile, easy, secure and economical way. Handle correctly your www and non-www websites Use the most recent and recommended techniques to manage your services and projects securely on your own VPS server. Deploy projects online, with high security, quickly and very economically. Secure connections to your systems and your products, through HTTPS completely free of charge with Let’s Encrypt. Master the best practices to ensure all your systems, such as Nginx, MySQL along with all your projects. Feel complete confidence in managing your VPS server, without hesitation at any time about what you do. Install and configure any package you need with the skills learned during the course. Protect your websites and services with Cloudflare step by step Establish secure connections to your Database from your local system, using SSH tunnels Domain common tasks and commands to synchronize files and projects in your VPS


Authored By Is-Rael Landes

Is-Rael Landes, a good man living on the earth, loving making website, teaching others and coding.

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