What is the Cyber Security Training Course?

2023-03-25 140 words 1 min read

What is the Cyber Security Training Course?

This article details the Cyber Security Training Course on Udemy.

What is the Cyber Security Training Course?

This is an average guide for Apple and Windows users on how to maximize your device & browser security settings.

In this course you will learn about Firewalls, Data Encryption, Two Factor Verification, Algebraic Passwords and Disabling Old Internet Devices. The purpose is to help users learn how to increase their security by changing their device and browser security settings.

There are 5 short modules, and a competency test.

The test will measure your abilities to implement the security solutions and it will test the effectiveness of this training course.

What will you learn?

Using firewalls, encrypting data, two factor verification, creating algebraic passwords and disabling old internet products.

How can I get started learning?

You can find a free course here: https://www.udemy.com/course/cyber-security-training-course/learn/lecture/

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